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Weekly Keto Menu: 30.11. - 05.12.

DOWNLOAD YOUR PLANS SATURDAY 30.11. Breakfast: English style breakfast Lunch: Slowly baked beef with dil sauce and broccoli with cheese Dinner: Grilled Mexican style chicken with tomato salsa and cauliflower pancakes Dessert: Raffaelo balls Snack: Greek salad   SUNDAY 01.12. Breakfast: Egg roll wrap with cheese Lunch: Lamb biryani with cauliflower rice Dinner: Chicken with blue cheese sauce, garlic butter and zucchini noodles Dessert: Berry panacotta Snack: Cream of broccoli with parmesan cheese   MONDAY 02.12. Breakfast: Coconut waffles with choco dip and fruits Lunch: Maroccan beef with almond dumplings Dinner: Fish roll with fry veggies Dessert: Choco muffin Snack: Cheese and almond chips     TUESDAY 03.12. Breakfast: Vegetable hush with boiled eggs and grilled halloumi Lunch: Mongolian beef...

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Weekly Keto Menu: 16.11. - 21.11.

DOWNLOAD YOUR PLANS SATURDAY 16.11. Breakfast:  Chicken ham with scrambled eggs, protein bread with cream cheese spread and asparagus Lunch: Boiled beef with vegetables Dinner:  Aglio e olio zucchini pasta with chicken and salad Snack: Rolled zucchini with mozzarella and green olives Dessert: Coconut bounty   SUNDAY 17.11. Breakfast:  Chicken pate with rocked salad Lunch: Stuffed beef kebab with grilled veggies Dinner: Chicken saute with cauliflower rice, spinach and ricotta cheese Snack: Raspberry protein smoothie with mix nuts Dessert: Lime cake   MONDAY 18.11. Breakfast: Scrambled eggs with spinach and tomato, cauliflower and zucchini pancakes Lunch: Baked beef with Chinese mushrooms and mix Chinese veggies Dinner: Stuffed chicken burger with bacon and cheese, mix lettuce salad Snack: Cauliflower pizza with...

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Weekly Keto Menu: 6.7. - 11.7.

DOWNLOAD YOUR PLANS & PRICES HERE SATURDAY 6.7. Breakfast: Scrambled eggs with bacon & cheese Lunch: Beef goulash with veggie puree Dinner: Chinese chicken Snack: Broccoli mini pizza Dessert: Peanut butter cake   SUNDAY 7.7. Breakfast: Egg salad Lunch: Lamb tikka with falafel Dinner: Grilled chicken with broccoli sauce & carbonara zucchini Snack: Kale & celery chips with BBQ dip Dessert: Mascarpone cream with berries   MONDAY 8.7. Breakfast: Quiche Lunch: Chicken balls with pancakes Dinner: Rolled salmon with rocket salad & dry fruits Snack: Greek salad Dessert: Yoghurt pancakes TUESDAY 9.7. Breakfast: Zucchini burger Lunch: Beef Bolognese with veggie noodles Dinner: Shredded chicken salad Snack: Coconut & berry yogurt Dessert: Tiramisu WEDNESDAY 10.7. Breakfast: Shakshuka Lunch: Cooked beef with veggies Dinner:...

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