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MONDAY MENU: 30.05.2016

1. Carrot, apple and raison salad 2. BBQ meatballs with butternut squash risotto, with kale and broccoli 3. Grilled lemon and Dijon chicken skewers, with quinoa tabouli 4. Dark chocolate mousse

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SUNDAY MENU: 29.05.2016

1. Chicken stock 2. Slowly cooked veal in red grape juice, with cauliflower, egg and roasted tomatoes in balsamic vinegar 3. Salmon cakes with salad and a lemon, honey and coconut dressing 4. Baked apple and nuts with dates

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SATURDAY MENU: 28.05.2016

1. Goulash Soup 2. Marinated chicken breast with a coconut crust, accompanied by zucchini and sweet potato 3. Tuna salad with cranberry dressing 4. Banana brownie with vanilla cream

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