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Weekly Classic Paleo Menu: 20.7. - 25.7.

DOWNLOAD YOUR PLANS & PRICES HERE SATURDAY 20.7. Breakfast: Sweet quinoa with fresh fruits & coconut cream Lunch: Grilled ramp steak with sweet potato bacon & kale Dinner: Fried fish with salad Snack: Cinnamon apple salad Dessert: Chocolate balls with walnut   SUNDAY 21.7. Breakfast: Baked avocado with eggs with rocket & radish salad Lunch: Stuffed cashew burger with rolled bacon asparagus & spinach salad Dinner: Chicken Caesar salad Snack: Protein bar Dessert: Paleo cheesecake MONDAY 22.7. Breakfast: English style breakfast Lunch: Mongolian beef with red & white cabbage Dinner: Fried chicken in mix seeds with greek salad Snack: Cucumber & chia seeds salad Dessert: Vanilla cake with banana & coconut cream TUESDAY 23.7. Breakfast: Portobello sandwich with avocado, olives, bacon...

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Weekly Classic Paleo Menu: 13.7. - 18.7.

DOWNLOAD YOUR PLANS & PRICES HERE SATURDAY 13.7. Breakfast: Pancakes with bacon and cream Lunch: Turkey stake with zucchini sauce Dinner: Fish burger with broccoli pancakes & avocado dip Dessert: Raffaello balls Snack: Protein mango smoothie with mix nuts   SUNDAY 14.7. Breakfast: Zucchini ban sandwich with avocado, lettuce, beetroot, olives, and rocket salad Lunch: Cooked lamb in coconut milk with curry Dinner: Chicken burrito with cabbage wraps with ratatouille side dish Dessert: Paleo cheesecake Snack: Watermelon and blueberry salad   MONDAY 15.7. Breakfast: American pancakes with caramelized peach with cinnamon and baked walnuts Lunch: Rampstake with rocket salad, brussels, and avocado salsa Dinner: Chicken balsamic pesto with broccoli, mushrooms, red cabbage, and spinach protein salad Dessert: Raspberry cake Snack: Sweet...

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Weekly Classic Paleo Menu: 6.7. - 11.7.

DOWNLOAD YOUR PLANS & PRICES HERE SATURDAY 6.7. Breakfast: Scrambled eggs with bacon Lunch: Beef goulash with veggie puree Dinner: Chinese chicken Snack: Broccoli mini pizza Dessert: Date cake   SUNDAY 7.7. Breakfast: Egg salad Lunch: Lamb tikka with falafel Dinner: Grilled chicken with broccoli sauce & carbonara zucchini Snack: Kale & celery chips with BBQ dip Dessert: Stuffed apple   MONDAY 8.7. Breakfast: Quiche Lunch: Chicken balls with pancakes Dinner: Rolled salmon with rocket salad & dry fruits Snack: Greek salad Dessert: Peach pancakes TUESDAY 9.7. Breakfast: Zucchini burger Lunch: Beef Bolognese with veggie noodles Dinner: Shredded chicken salad Snack: Coconut & berry yogurt Dessert: Tiramisu WEDNESDAY 10.7. Breakfast: Shakshuka Lunch: Cooked beef with veggies Dinner: Chicken thighs with baked veggies...

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