Weekly Classic Paleo Menu: 22.08- 27.08.

Breakfast: Stuffed egg omellet
Lunch: Beef pancakes with dijon mustard sauce and sweet potato puree
Dinner: Sous vide chicken with dates sauce and quinoa
Snack: Chia seeds yogurt
Dessert: Coconut and chocolate truffles
SUNDAY 23.08.
Breakfast: Nut granola
 Lunch: Slowly cooked cabbage and beef with beetroot rice
Dinner: Black sesame crust salmon
Snack: Tomato and basil soup
Dessert: Apple cinnamon pie
MONDAY 24.08.
Breakfast: Tomato and pepper shakshuka
Lunch: Lamb byriani
Dinner: Chicken Caesar salad
Snack: Fruit salad
Dessert: Coconut - almond bar
TUESDAY 25.08.
Breakfast: Egg quiche with kale bread
Lunch: Meatloaf with sweet potato chips
Dinner: Chicken and Portobello burger
Snack: Dates with chocolate
Dessert: Lemon tart
Breakfast: Lebanese style breakfast
Lunch: Slowly cooked beef with carrot - parsley sauce and cauliflower rice
Dinner: Sweet chilly tuna pancakes
Snack: Banana smoothie
Dessert: Berry and almond crumble
Breakfast: American style pancakes with maple syrup
Lunch: Lamb kofta with cauliflower falafel
Dinner: Chicken fingers with tartar sauce and garden salad
Snack: Thyme and mushroom soup
Dessert: Vanilla panna cotta