Classic Paleo menu for 28.11. - 03.12.

Breakfast: Scrablmed eggs with sajuk and bacon
Lunch: Beef goulash with cauliflower puree
Dinner: Grilled chicken, ajvar sauce and baked cabbage
Snack: Apple carrot salad
Dessert: Honey and red crapes cake
SUNDAY 29.11.
Breakfast: Sweet quinoa
Lunch: Minced lamb rolls, tzaltziki and cauliflower rice
Dinner: BBQ salmon with sesame and broccoli puree
Snack: Creamy veggie soup
Dessert: Apple pie
MONDAY 30.11.
Breakfast: Egg and avocado
Lunch: Slowly baked beef with mushroom sauce and zucchini noodles
Dinner: Grilled Mediteranean style chicken with garlic eggplant
Snack: Garden salad
Dessert: Lemon tart
TUESDAY 01.12.
Breakfast: Coconut pancakes
Lunch: Beef steak strips with entrecote sauce
Dinner: Fish and chips with tartar sauce
Snack: Smoked salmon toast
Dessert: Walnut and dates brownie
Breakfast: Roast beef and sunny side eggs sandwich
Lunch: Lamb byriani with beetroot rice
Dinner: Chicken Kung Pao with stir fry veggies
Snack: Banana bar
Dessert: Poach pea
Breakfast: Boiled egg salad
Lunch: Carrot parlesy sauce with shredded beef
Dinner: Chicken burger
Snack: Tomato soup
Dessert: Choco mouse with berries