Classic Paleo menu for 24.07. - 29.07.

Breakfast: Stuffed egg omelet
Lunch: Moroccan style beef
Dinner: Pan seared fish fille with tartar sauce
Snack: Blueberry yogurt
Dessert: Chocolate brownie
SUNDAY 25.07.
Breakfast: Chocolate pancakes
Lunch: Beef stroganoff with cabbage sauté
Dinner: Creamy garlic Chinese chicken
Snack: Broccoli soup
Dessert: Marble cake
MONDAY 26.07.
Breakfast: Sunny side egg and guacamole sandwich
Lunch: Chicken Cacciatore
Dinner: Salmon and veggie stew
Snack: Tzaltziki salad
Dessert: Berry panna cotta
TUESDAY 27.07.
Breakfast: Chef Paul breakfast (boiled eggs, mix salad, bread and dressing)
Lunch: Beef meatloaf with Dijon mustard sauce
Dinner: Stuffed chicken breast with garden salad
Snack: Coleslaw salad
Dessert: Choco chip cookie
Breakfast: Chicken sandwich
Lunch: Baked lamb with roasted cabbage
Dinner: Greek zaatar fish with salad
Snack: Tomato and onion salad
Dessert: Banana split
Breakfast: Almond waffles
Lunch: Beef burger with sweet potato fries and mushroom
Dinner: Grilled chicken leg with cauliflower steak
Snack: Creamy mushroom soup
Dessert: Apple carrot pie