Classic paleo menu for 19.11. - 24.11.

Breakfast: Almond waffles with berries and nuts
Lunch: Rib eye steak with grilled sweet potato
Dinner: Salmon Teryaki
Snack: Tomato and basil soup
Dessert: Lemon bar
SUNDAY 20.11.
Breakfast:: English style breakfast
Lunch: Mongolian beef
Dinner: Chicken crispy breast with broccoli pure and asparagus
Snack: Dates and sweet nuts
Dessert: Raffaelo balls
MONDAY 21.11.
Breakfast: Quesadilla
Lunch: Smoked bbq chicken leg
Dinner: Mediterranean fish with sweet potato
Snack: Green detox shot
Dessert: Poach pear
TUESDAY 22.11.
Breakfast: American pancakes
Lunch: Beef stir fry
Dinner: Butter chicken
Snack: Cauliflower humus with veggie sticks
Dessert: Lava cake
Breakfast: Stuffed egg omelet  
Lunch: Beef burger
Dinner: Dynamite shrimps with coleslaw salad
Snack: Veggie falafel
Dessert: Snickers bites
Breakfast: Savory avocado French toast
Lunch: Baked lamb with roasted veggie
Dinner: Grilled chicken and tabuleh salad
Snack: Berry shot
Dessert: Marble cake