Classic Paleo menu for 18.02. - 23.02.

Breakfast: Raspberries pancakes
Lunch: Beef stroganoff
Dinner: Balsamic grilled chicken
Snack: Creamy veggie soup
Dessert: Sacker cake
SUNDAY 19.02.
Breakfast: Creamy scrambled eggs with onion bread
Lunch: Coconut lime chicken
Dinner: Kung Pao shrimps
Snack: Coleslaw salad
Dessert: Lemon bar
MONDAY 20.02.
Breakfast: Sweet quinoa
Lunch: Mongolian beef
Dinner: Fish and chips
Snack: Garden salad
Dessert: Almond cookies
TUESDAY 21.02.
Breakfast: Egg shakshuka
Lunch: Pulled bbq beef
Dinner: Chicken belaqio with zoodles
Snack: Veggie sticks
Dessert: Berry crumble
Breakfast: Chef Paul breakfast
Lunch: Beef meatloaf with mushroom gravy
Dinner: Lemon and dill seabass
Snack: Tomato and basil soup
Dessert: Snickers
Breakfast: Sweet banana bread with caramelized fruits
Lunch: Lamb tikka
Dinner: Chicken stir fry
Snack: Berry shot
Dessert: Apple lolly pop