Classic Paleo menu for 11.02. - 16.02.

Breakfast: Vanilla waffles with berries
Lunch: Moroccan beef
Dinner: Grilled chicken with coleslaw salad
Snack: Kale chips
Dessert: Choco musse with freeze dry raspberries
SUNDAY 12.02.
Breakfast: Savory breakfast bowl
Lunch: Roasted carrot and cauliflower with garlic chicken
Dinner: Creamy tuscon salmon
Snack: Greek salad
Dessert: Mars bar
MONDAY 13.02.
Breakfast: Paleo cloud bread sandwich
Lunch: Beef stew with bell peppers and cabbage
Dinner: Chicken tika masala with broccoli rice
Snack: Melon with dates and nuts
Dessert: Vanilla cashew cream on brownie pancake
TUESDAY 14.02.
Breakfast: Paleo porridge with caramelizes banana
Lunch: Dynamite chicken with grilled sweet potato
Dinner: Cauliflower pizza
Snack: Kohlrabi salad
Dessert: Apple pie
Breakfast: Paleo breakfast burrito
Lunch: Beef patties in mushroom sauce and broccoli pure
Dinner: Chicken tenders with garden salad and honey mustard sauce
Snack: Chia seed yogurt
Dessert: Banana bites
Breakfast: Acai yogurt, nut granola and almond donut
Lunch: Lamb biryani
Dinner: Seafood paella
Snack: Thai coconut soup
Dessert: Pistacchio bar