Weekly Modern Paleo Menu: 08.08- 13.08.

Breakfast: Zucchini roasty with boiled eggs
Lunch: Pepper and pumpkin beef stew
Dinner: Medditeranean style chicken with gluten free pasta
Snack: Cucumber salad
Dessert: Mango panna cotta
Breakfast:Banana bread, chia seeds yogurt, nut granola and dates
 Lunch: Smoke house beef burger
Dinner: Pan fried tilapia fillet, carrot and ginger puree, fennel and walnuts, dill sauce
Snack: Cabbage and red sweet paprika soup
Dessert: Raffaello balls
Breakfast: Kale, spinach and sweet potato shakshuka
Lunch: Lamb and coconut curry with rice
Dinner: Sous vide chicken with pesto sauce and cauliflower steak
Snack:Melon salad
Dessert: Paleo apple strudel with vanilla sauce
Breakfast: Egg quiche with onion flax seeds bread
Lunch:Beef and mushrooms risotto
Dinner: Chicken lettuce wrap
Snack: Nut granola
Dessert: Blueberry and vanilla cramble
Breakfast: Beef sandwich
Lunch: Shredded duck rendang with cauliflower - zucchini rolls
Dinner: Chicken schnitzel withpotato salad
Snack: Coleslaw salad
Dessert: Carrot cake
Breakfast: Sweet fruit omelette
Lunch:Stuffed beef roles with gluten free pasta
Dinner:Salmon sweet chilly and coriander pancakes
Snack:Cream of pumpkin, sweet paprika and ginger
Dessert: Almond butter bar