Weekly Modern menu for 24.10.

Breakfast: Eggs with bacon, mustard dressing and flax seed bread
Lunch: Moroccan style beef with rice
Dinner: Baked chicken leg, ajvar sauce and broccoli sauce
Snack: Coleslaw salad
Dessert: Chocolate and strawberries mousse
SUNDAY 25.10.
Breakfast: Coconut pancakes with berries
Lunch: Sous vide chicken in carrot - parsley sauce and mashed potato with bacon and onion
Dinner: Honey glazed salmon, dill sauce, baked cabbage
Snack: Greek salad
Dessert: Cashew and pecan bar
MONDAY 26.10.
Breakfast: Roast beef sandwich
Lunch: Lamb biriyani with basmati and wild rice
Dinner: Cauliflower pizza
Snack: Tomato and basil soup
Dessert: Walnut and dates brownie
TUESDAY 27.10.
Breakfast: Stuffed egg omelet
Lunch: Shredded bbq beef with garlic bread
Dinner: Seabass and asparagus rolls with kale bread
Snack: Dates with chocolate
Dessert: Poached pear
Breakfast: Sweet cinnamon rolls
Lunch: Almond crust chicken with potato salad
Dinner: Carrot and ginger puree with beef rolls
Snack: Fruit salad
Dessert: Mango pie
Breakfast: English style breakfast
Lunch: Mongolian beef
Dinner: Chicken mushroom rissoto
Snack: Cream of broccoli
Dessert: Banofee pie