Modern paleo menu from 03.07. - 08.07.

Breakfast: Boiled egg and bacon sandwich
Lunch: Beef biryani with rice
Dinner: Chicken shawarma
Snack: Tomato and coriander soup
Dessert: Chocolate brownie
SUNDAY 04.07.
Breakfast: Almond waffles and berries
Lunch: Beef stroganoff and wild rice
Dinner: Chicken coconut curry
Snack: Chia seeds yogurt
Dessert: Marble cake
MONDAY 05.07.
Breakfast: Egg pate with sunflower bread
Lunch: Baked lamb with noodles
Dinner: Tuna pancakes with garden salad
Snack: Mini pizza
Dessert: Fruit salad
TUESDAY 06.07.
Breakfast: Scrambled eggs with portobello mushrooms
Lunch: Beef rolade and cauliflower steak
Dinner: Stuffed chicken breast
Snack: Kale salad
Dessert: Poach pear
Breakfast: Nut granola
Lunch: Lamb meatballs with horseradish sauce and pasta
Dinner: Sweet chilly salmon and steam veggies
Snack: Apple carrot salad
Dessert: Tiramisu
Breakfast: Egg shakshuka
Lunch: Beef goulash
Dinner: Almond crust chicken and sweet potato salad
Snack: NYC style nuts
Dessert: Snickers