Modern paleo menu for 30.01. - 04.02.

Breakfast: Egg shakshuka
Lunch: Shredded bbq beef with broccoli puree
Dinner: Grilled chicken, mushroom sauce, baked cauliflower,  brussels sprouts and rice
Snack: Veggie soup
Dessert: Snickers
SUNDAY 31.01.
Breakfast: Sunny side egg sandwich
Lunch: Chicken fingers with sweet potato
Dinner: Salmon red curry with wild rice
Snack: Apple carrot salad
Dessert: Choco muffin
MONDAY 01.02.
Breakfast: Almond waffles with berries
Lunch: Beef stroganoff with cauliflower rice
Dinner: Fish pancakes with ruccola salad
Snack: Berry yogurt
Dessert: Pineapple cake
TUESDAY 02.02.
Breakfast: Sajuk and bacon scrambled eggs
Lunch: Lamb byriyani
Dinner: Grilled chicken with pasta
Snack: Veggie chips
Dessert: Pecan pie
Breakfast: Stuffed egg omelet
Lunch: Grilled beef burger
Dinner: Chicken kung pao with rice
Snack: Mushroom soup
Dessert: Choco brownie
Breakfast: Coconut pancakes and berries
Lunch: Beef stew with cabbage and rice
Dinner: Baked seabass with steamed vegetables
Snack: Garden salad
Dessert: Hazelnut basbousa