Modern paleo menu for 29.10. - 03.11.

Breakfast: French omelet
Lunch: Creamy beef stroganoff with gluten free pasta
Dinner: Salmon pancakes
Snack: Nuts and olives
Dessert: Fudgy brownie
SUNDAY 30.10.
Breakfast: : Almond waffles
Lunch: Tenderloin beef in mushroom sauce and roasted veggies
Dinner: Vienna schnitzel with creamy potato salad
Snack: Vanilla chia yogurt
Dessert: Berry cake
MONDAY 31.10.
Breakfast: Lebanese breakfast
Lunch: Kung Pao chicken with noodles
Dinner: Garlic butter shrimps with pan seared veggies
Snack: Green detox shot
Dessert: Choco bits
TUESDAY 01.11.
Breakfast: Club sandwich
Lunch: Moroccan lamb
Dinner: Chicken shish tawook with roasted veggies
Snack: Garden salad
Dessert: Snickers bar
Breakfast: Choco vanilla muffin with berry yogurt
Lunch: Beef meatloaf with mushroom sauce and sweet potato
Dinner: Chicken masala with mashed potato
Snack: Veggie soup
Dessert: Tiramisu
Breakfast: Turkish meneman
Lunch: Chicken shawarma with tabouleh salad and wild rice
Dinner: Almond crust fish and grilled veggies
Snack: Berry shot
Dessert: Pumpkin Cheesecake