Modern Paleo menu for 23.10. - 28.10.

Breakfast: Shakshuka
Lunch: Moroccan style beef
Dinner: Grilled chicken with broccoli purre
Snack: Blueberry yogurt
Dessert: Chocolate brownie
SUNDAY 24.10.
Breakfast: Nut granola
Lunch: Seabas fillet with Mediterranean potato salad
Dinner: Chicken kung pao with cauliflower steak
Snack: Tomato and basil soup
Dessert: Almond marble cake
MONDAY 25.10.
Breakfast: Sajuk and bacon scrambled eggs with flaxseeds bread
Lunch: Slowly baked beef with romsemary, garlic and potato roasty
Dinner: Sous vide chicken with garden salad
Snack: Fruits salad
Dessert: Snickers bar
TUESDAY 26.10.
Breakfast: Kale quiche
Lunch: Lamb byriani with rice
Dinner: Sweet chilly tuna pancakes with chopped Thai salad
Snack: Almond crackers
Dessert: Apple lollypop
Breakfast: Choco pancakes with homemade berry marmalade
Lunch: Beef burger
Dinner: Chicken mushroom risotto with rice
Snack: Cream of broccoli
Dessert: Chocolate and coconut truffles
Breakfast: Chicken sandwich
Lunch: Sous vide beef tenderloin with carrot sauce and gluten free pasta
Dinner: Salmon with curry -  coconut sauce and steamed veggies
Snack: Mix nuts
Dessert: Lemon tart