MODERN PALEO MENU FOR 20.01. - 25.01.



Breakfast: Banana porridge

Lunch: Beef Bolognese with spaghetti

Dinner: Salmon pancakes with steamed veggies

Dessert: Choco donut

Snack: Green detox shot



Breakfast: BLT sandwich

Lunch: Mongolian beef with rice

Dinner: Chicken fingers with rainbow salad

Dessert: Almond lemon bar

Snack: Creamy broccoli soup



Breakfast: Arabic breakfast

Lunch: Mexican chicken wrap

Dinner: Kung Pao shrimps with noodles

Dessert: Apple pie

Snack:  Fruit salad



Breakfast: Berry pancakes

Lunch: Lamb biryani with rice

Dinner: Chicken madeira with cauliflower pure

Dessert: Choco truffles

Snack: Mix nuts



Breakfast: Club sandwich

Lunch: Chicken Pesto pasta

Dinner: Fish and veggie chips

Dessert: Peanut butter “Magnum”

Snack: Greek salad



Breakfast: Egg wrap

Lunch: Beef burger with baked sweet potatoes

Dinner: Chicken teriyaki with sesame and wild rice

Dessert: Poach pear with choco and nuts

Snack: Mushroom soup