MODERN PALEO MENU FOR 16.09. - 22.06.

Breakfast: Almond pancakes
Lunch: Moroccan beef
Dinner: Chicken shawarma
Snack: Dates and nuts
Dessert: Marble cake
Breakfast: Aubergine shakshuka
Lunch: Chicken Kung Pao
Dinner: Almond crust shrimps
Snack: Chicken soup
Dessert: Banana bites
Breakfast: English style breakfast
Lunch: Beef and mushrooms risotto
Dinner: Cajun chicken with cauliflower rice
Snack: Dragon fruit yogurt
Dessert: Apple lollipop 
Breakfast: Sweet cinnamon omelet
Lunch: Orange honey chicken
Dinner: Baked salmon
Snack: Coleslaw salad
Dessert: Raffaello balls
Breakfast: Roast beef sandwich an horse radish mayo
Lunch: Curry shrimps
Dinner: Chicken tenders with potato roasty
Snack: Granola bar
Dessert: Choco chip cookie
Breakfast: Sweet French toast
Lunch: Beef meatloaf with rosemary sauce
Dinner: Chicken biryani with broccoli rice
Snack: Detox cabbage soup
Dessert: Choco bites with freeze dry fruits
Breakfast: Sunrice sandwich
Lunch: Wok chared beef
Dinner: Creamy chicken with potato gnocci
Snack: Raspberry yogurt
Dessert: Apple strudle