Modern paleo menu for 14.08. - 19.08.

Breakfast: Stuffed egg omelet
Lunch: Beef burger and potato
Dinner: Chicken stroganoff with cabbage sauté
Snack: Tzaltziki salad
Dessert: Coconut truffles
SUNDAY 15.08.
Breakfast: Choco muffin with berry yogurt
Lunch: Chicken meatloaf with mashed potato 
Dinner: Salmon fish cake
Snack: Veggie soup
Dessert: Pineapple cake
MONDAY 16.08.
Breakfast: Chef Paul breakfast (boiled eggs, olives and fresh veggies)
Lunch: Lamb biryani with rice
Dinner: Chicken schnitzel with zucchini salad
Snack: Mix berry smootie
Dessert: Vanilla muffin
TUESDAY 17.08.
Breakfast: Club sandwich
Lunch: Beef sous vide with wild rice
Dinner: Chicken leg in creamy mushroom sauce 
Snack: Olives and nuts
Dessert: Marble cake
Breakfast: Shakshuka
Lunch: Macaroni and chicken
Dinner: Almond crust fish and salad
Snack: Coconut and chia pudding
Dessert: Choco mouse with nuts
Breakfast: Sweet cinnamon noodles with choco and walnuts
Lunch: Beef goulash and white rice
Dinner: Stuffed chicken breast with tomato sauce and broccoli rice 
Snack: Creamy leek and mushroom soup
Dessert: almond cookies