Modern Paleo menu for 05.03. - 10.03.

Breakfast: Mediterranean savory waffle (cold)
Lunch: Beef broccoli with wild rice
Dinner: Chicken shawurma
Snack: Creamy mushroom soup
Dessert: Chocolate nut bar
SUNDAY 06.03.
Breakfast: Blueberry French toast
Lunch: Stuffed chicken breast with mashed potato
Dinner: Fried shrimps with with tartar sauce
Snack: Almond pizza
Dessert: Marble cake
MONDAY 07.03.
Breakfast: Chicken sandwich (cold)
Lunch: Beef meatballs in tomato sauce and pasta
Dinner: Chicken leg in demi glace sauce
Snack: Fruit salad
Dessert: Choco mouse
TUESDAY 08.03.
Breakfast: Zucchini and mushroom scrambled eggs
Lunch: Chicken burger with potato wedges
Dinner: Oven baked seabass with steamed veggies
Snack: Thai coconut soup
Dessert: Sweet almond cinnamon bread
Breakfast: Almond waffles with choco and berries
Lunch: Mongolian beef with fried rice
Dinner: Almond crust chicken breast
Snack: Chia seed coconut yogurt
Dessert: Pecan pie with dates
Breakfast: Savory avocado pancake (cold)
Lunch: Texas grilled rib eyes with avocado salsa and roasted baby potatoes
Dinner: Salmon fishcake
Snack: Greek salad
Dessert: Berry cheesecake