LOW CARB MENU FOR 06.07. - 11.07.


Breakfast: Egg and bacon sandwich

Lunch: Beef steak in mushroom sauce

Dinner: Grilled seabass with steamed veggies

Snack: Fudgy brownie



Breakfast:  Sweet cinnamon noodles

Lunch: Beef Bolognese with spaghetti

Dinner: Chicken risotto with cauliflower rice

Snack: Panko crust kashakaval with salsa dip



Breakfast: Breakfast platter

Lunch: Beef kebab with tabouleh salad

Dinner: Grilled chicken bawl with wild rice

Snack: Avocado Choco bar



Breakfast: Cheese and turkey toast

Lunch: Chicken masala with rice

Dinner: Vegetarian burger

Snack: Strawberry cheesecake



Breakfast: Pumpkin French toast

Lunch: Prawn pasta

Dinner: Chicken with kale salad

Snack: Lava cake



Breakfast: Lebanese style breakfast

Lunch: Burger steak with mushroom sauce and sweet potato

Dinner: Chicken tenders with Asian chopped salad

Snack: Lentil soup