Weekly Keto Menu: 11.07. - 16.07.

Breakfast: Boiled egg sandwich
Lunch: Slow cooked beef in creamy cheese sauce and broccoli
Dinner: Chicken strips with garlic spinach and cauliflower pancakes
Snack: Nut granola
Dessert: Lebnah cake
Breakfast:Blueberry yogurt with coconut mini waffles
 Lunch: Beef strips with creamy mushroom sauce and stuffed cheese roll
Dinner: Chicken kung pao with vegetable rice
Snack: Chocolate dipped strawberries
Dessert: Tiramisu
Breakfast: French toast with bacon
Lunch: Lamb byriani
Dinner: Fish burger
Snack:Tomato and basil soup
Dessert: Cream puff
Breakfast: Sweet omelet noodles with berries
Lunch:Beef rolade with stuffed pepper
Dinner: Chicken rissoto
Snack: Greek salad with feta cheese
Dessert: Chocolate truffles
Breakfast: Lebanese style breakfast
Lunch: Stuffed vine leaves with lamb
Dinner: Salmon coconut curry
Snack: Cheese, berries and nuts
Dessert: Coconut bar
Breakfast: Stuffed egg omelet with cheese
Lunch: Beef, egg, broccoli and dill sauce
Dinner:Almond crust chicken with garden salad
Snack: Creamy pumpkin soup
Dessert: Fudgy brownie