Weekly Keto Menu: 04.07. - 09.07.

Breakfast: American pancakes
Lunch: Slow cooked beef
Dinner: Creamy mushroom chicken with broccoli puree
Snack: Tomato, cucumber and onion salad
Dessert: Banofee pie
SUNDAY 05.07.
Breakfast: Baked egg in avocado with flaxseeds muffin
 Lunch: Stuffed lamb kofta with almond falafel
Dinner: Chicken Kung pao with zucchini noodles
Snack: Cream and veggie soup
Dessert: Snickers bar
MONDAY 06.07.
Breakfast: Eggplant shakshuka
Lunch: Marocan style beef
Dinner: Tuna fish pancakes with garden salad and feta cheese
Snack: Berry yogurt with chia seeds
Dessert: Lemon tart
TUESDAY 07.07.
Breakfast: Stuffed egg rolls with almond Panini and cheese
Lunch: Jalapeno burger with cheese and almond bun
Dinner: Sous - vide chicken with peanut butter sauce
Snack: Cheese and olives
Dessert: Vanilla panna cotta
Breakfast: Hazelnut chocolate nutella with almond waffles
Lunch: Duck rending with broccoli - cauliflower rice
Dinner: Chicken shish kebab with garlic and coriander naan bread
Snack: Almond pizza
Dessert: Mascarpone cream
Breakfast: Sajuk and smocked hickory beef bacon with scrambled eggs
Lunch: Beef bologna with parmesan cheese
Dinner: Seafood trio with baked veggies
Snack: Cream of broccoli with cheddar cheese
Dessert: Chocolate mouse