Weekly Keto Menu: 01.08- 06.08.

Breakfast: Sujuk scrambled eggs with flaxseeds bread
Lunch: Meatballs skewers with cheddar cheese sauce and broccoli
Dinner: Charred sprout and sous vide chicken salad with lebnah balls
Snack: Berry yogurt
Dessert: Peanut butter cookies
SUNDAY 02.08.
Breakfast: Cinnamon and almond French toast with berries
 Lunch: Creamy cabbage with shredded onion beef and bread dumplings
Dinner: Butternut, kale and coconut stew with parmesan crust salmon
Snack: Cream of mushrooms soup
Dessert: Pecan pie
MONDAY 03.08.
Breakfast: Keto breakfast tapas
Lunch: Lamb tikka flatbreads with herb salad and feta cheese
Dinner: Chicken coconut aminos styr fry zucchini noodles
Snack: Blueberry muffin
Dessert: Protein bar
TUESDAY 04.08.
Breakfast: Tomato and spinach frittata with cheddar cheese
Lunch: Creamy mushroom sauce with beef sauce and broccoli puree
Dinner: Stuffed chicken breast
Snack: Garden salad with olives and feta cheese
Dessert: Lemon - lime cake
Breakfast: Coconut waffles with berries
Lunch: Beef lasagna with eggplant and zucchini
Dinner: Seabass roles with baked veggies
Snack: Cheese with olives
Dessert: Keto tiramisu
Breakfast: BLT sandwich
Lunch: Lamb stuffed cabbage rolls with rosemary and tomato sauce
Dinner: Keto “popcorn” chicken with super slaw
Snack: Chicken - garlic soup with almond noodles and egg
Dessert: Mascarpone cream