KETO RAMADAN MENU FOR 24.04. - 29.04.

Breakfast: Sweet almond bread with berries
Lunch: Beef tenderloin in cheddar sauce and zucchini noodles
Dinner: Grilled bbq chicken with baked cauliflower
Snack: Veggie soup
Dessert: Choco brownie
SUNDAY 25.04.
Breakfast: Stuffed egg omelet
Lunch: Sous vide chicken and garden salad
Dinner: Salmon fish cake
Snack: Chia seeds yogurt
Dessert: Choco and coconut bar
MONDAY 26.04.
Breakfast: French toast with bacon
Lunch: Slowly baked lamb and grilled eggpant
Dinner: Chicken burger
Snack: Veggie chips
Dessert: Blueberry muffin
TUESDAY 27.04.
Breakfast: Cocoa and almond waffles
Lunch: Beef ragu
Dinner: Almond and zaatar crust fish
Snack: Veggie salad
Dessert: Choco strawberries
Breakfast: Egg and portobello sandwich
Lunch: Shredded bbq beef with ruccola salad
Dinner: Mediterranean style chicken
Snack: Cheese and olives
Dessert: Berry crumble
Breakfast: Nut granola
Lunch: Almond pizza
Dinner: Chicken shawarma
Snack: Tomato and basil soup
Dessert: Snickers bar