Keto menu for 25.09. - 30.09.

Breakfast: Waffles with berries
Lunch: Beef goulash with zucchini
Dinner: Kung Pao chicken with cauliflower rice
Snack: Veggie chips
Dessert: Chocolate mouse
SUNDAY 26.09.
Breakfast: Scrambled eggs and aubergine shasuka
Lunch: Honey - orange grilled chicken with garden salad
Dinner: Seabass lemon garlic sauce and steamed veggies
Snack: Cheese and olives
Dessert: Choco brownie
MONDAY 27.09.
Breakfast: Turkey patee with with onion bread and cheddar cheese
Lunch: Moroccan style lamb
Dinner: Chicken kebab
Snack: Creamy mushroom soup
Dessert: Mascarpone cream with berries
TUESDAY 28.09.
Breakfast: Sweet almond toast with berries
Lunch: Wok charred beef
Dinner: Seafood paella
Snack: Asparagus and bacon roll
Dessert: Cheesecake
Breakfast: Egg spread with almond toast
Lunch: Shredded beef in creamy cheddar sauce
Dinner: Quattro formagi pizza
Snack: Mix nuts
Dessert: Chocolate truffles
Breakfast: Sunny side egg with veggie skillet
Lunch: Beef Bolognese
Dinner: Chicken shish tawook
Snack: Chia seeds yogurt
Dessert: Vannila puff