Keto menu for 19.02. - 24.02.


Breakfast: Mushroom and zucchini scrambled eggs with mix seeds bread and cheese

Lunch: Cajun chicken file with mix salad and parmesan cheese

Dinner: Baked hamour with creamy tomato sauce

Snack: Mix cheese and olives

Dessert: Pecan pie


SUNDAY 20.02.

Breakfast: Choco and vanilla muffins with mix berry yogurt

Lunch: Mongolian beef with butter cauliflower steak

Dinner: Smoked bbq chicken leg with roasted veggies

Snack: Veggie detox soup

Dessert: Raspberry crumble


MONDAY 21.02.

Breakfast: Club sandwich with cheddar cheese 

Lunch: Burger steak with mushroom sauce and creamy broccoli salad

Dinner: Salmon fishcake 

Snack: Mozzarella balls

Dessert: Berry cake


TUESDAY 22.02.

Breakfast: Stuffed egg omelet with cheddar cheese and mushrooms

Lunch: Sirloin steak with grilled veggies

Dinner: Chicken almond crust with dill sauce and zucchini hash

Snack: Tzaltziki salad

Dessert: Fudgy brownie with mix nuts



Breakfast: Choco and berry crapes

Lunch: Kung Pao chicken with creamy cauliflower

Dinner: Tempura shrimps with tartar sauce

Snack: Green mix leaves salad with feta cheese

Dessert: Berry cheesecake



Breakfast: Savory French toast

Lunch: Beef broccoli

Dinner: Chicken Caesar salad with parmesan cheese

Snack: Veggie soup

Dessert: Keto snickers