KETO MENU FOR 18.11. - 23.11.



Breakfast: Egg wrap

Lunch: Beef strips in mushroom sauce 

Dinner: Chicken schnitzel

Snack: Broccoli and leek soup

Dessert: Snickers bar



Breakfast: Waffles with berries

Lunch: Chinese chicken

Dinner: Almond crust shrimps

Snack: Mix nuts

Dessert: Snickers bar



Breakfast: Egg and avocado sandwich

Lunch: Beef with cabbage

Dinner: Chicken tika masala with broccoli rice

Snack: Cheese and ham roll

Dessert: Lemon donut



Breakfast: American pancakes

Lunch: Dynamite chicken with coleslaw salad

Dinner: Fish and chips

Snack: Berry yogurt

Dessert: Cheesecake



Breakfast: Shakshuka with feta cheese

Lunch: Beef patties in mushroom sauce and broccoli pure

Dinner: Shrimps kung pao

Snack: Berry shot

Dessert: Lava cake



Breakfast: Acai yogurt, nut granola and almond donut

Lunch: Beef broccoli

Dinner: Creamy chicken Carbonara

Snack: Thai coconut soup

Dessert: Pistachio bar