Keto menu for 16.07. - 21.07.

Breakfast: American pancakes
Lunch: Pepper beef
Dinner: Salmon teryaki
Snack: Garden salad with feta cheese
Dessert: Choco mouse with nuts
SUNDAY 17.07.
Breakfast: Chef Paul breakfast
Lunch: Beef steak with mushroom sauce and roasted veggies
Dinner: Chicken Kung Pao with cauliflower steak
Snack: Mozzarella sticks
Dessert: Keto tiramisu
MONDAY 18.07.
Breakfast: BLT sandwich
Lunch: Chicken masala with cauliflower rice
Dinner: Garlic shrimps with pan seared veggies
Snack: Chia seeds smoothie
Dessert: Pecan pie
TUESDAY 19.07.
Breakfast: Choco and berry crapes
Lunch: Mongolian beef
Dinner: Chicken burger
Snack: NYC nuts
Dessert: Keto snickers
Breakfast: Shakshuka with feta cheese
Lunch: Beef stroganoff with konjak noodles
Dinner: Fish and zucchini chips
Snack: Caprese salad
Dessert: Dragon fruit cheesecake
Breakfast: Quesadilla sandwich
Lunch: Mix grill with pumpkin puree
Dinner: Chicken shawarma
Snack: Berry smoothie
Dessert: Fudgy brownie