KETO MENU FOR 13.05. - 18.05.

Breakfast: Almond pancakes
Lunch: Grilled chicken with zuccini 
Dinner: Almond crust shrimps
Snack: Creamy veggie soup
Dessert: Marble cake
SUNDAY 14.05.
Breakfast: English style breakfast
Lunch: Beef broccoli
Dinner: Chicken tikka
Snack: Cheese and nuts
Dessert: Snickers bar
MONDAY 15.05.
Breakfast: Breakfast egg wrap
Lunch: Chilli con corne
Dinner: Fish and chips
Snack: Garden salad
Dessert: Almond cookies
TUESDAY 16.05.
Breakfast: Sweet quinoa
Lunch: Pulled beef
Dinner: Chicken belagio with zoodles
Snack: Cheese sticks
Dessert: Choco and nuts bar
Breakfast: Egg benedict  
Lunch: Beef burger 
Dinner: Baked salmon
Snack: Kale salad
Dessert: Berry crumble
Breakfast: Coconut waffles
Lunch: Beef tikka masala
Dinner: Chicken stir fry
Snack: Berry shot
Dessert: Chocolate donut