Keto menu for 11.12. - 16.12.

Breakfast: BLT sandwich and avocado
Lunch: Mongolian beef with cauliflower steak
Dinner: Chicken breast in almond crust
Snack: Mixed green cucumber salad
Dessert: Choco mousse with strawberry
SUNDAY 12.12.
Breakfast: Almond waffles
Lunch: Chicken burrito
Dinner: Salmon fish cake
Snack: Mozzarella balls
Dessert: Keto fat bombs
MONDAY 13.12.
Breakfast: Creamy scrambled eggs with keto sambosa
Lunch: Lamb burger with zucchini chips
Dinner: Chicken Caesar salad and parmesan cheese
Snack:  Chia seeds yogurt
Dessert: Zesty lemon bars
TUESDAY 14.12.
Breakfast: Cloud bread with sunny side eggs
Lunch: Oven baked beef
Dinner: Fish fingers and fried zucchini slices
Snack: Cheese and olives
Dessert: Berry cheesecake
Breakfast: Choco muffins with berry yogurt
Lunch: Chicken leg in demi glace sauce
Dinner: Sweet and chilly garlic shrimps
Snack: Coleslaw salad
Dessert: Keto Tiramisu
Breakfast: Keto quesadilla
Lunch: Sous vide beef tenderloin with taragon sauce and veggie pure
Dinner: Chicken shawurma
Snack: Creamy veggie soup
Dessert: Choco nut bar