Keto menu for 10.09. - 15.09.

Breakfast: Crapes with choco, berries and roasted nuts
Lunch: Beef steak in pepper sauce and cheese broccoli pure
Dinner: Grilled chicken fajita with garlic - saffron mayo
Snack: Pumkin, honey and carrot soup
Dessert: Chocolate and nuts bar
SUNDAY 11.09.
Breakfast: : Almond toast, sunny side egg and avocado
Lunch: Baked salmon with sesame crust
Dinner: Mushrooms and spinach pizza
Snack: Stuffed cheese rolls
Dessert: Keto buckeyes
MONDAY 12.09.
Breakfast: Almond flour chocolate bread with peanut butter and berries
Lunch: Creamy beef stroganoff
Dinner: Chicken tenders and homemade tartar sauce
Snack: Tomato avocado salad
Dessert: Keto kinder pingui
TUESDAY 13.09.
Breakfast: Aubergine shakshuka
Lunch: Turkey meatballs in ritch tomato sauce
Dinner: Cauliflower shrimps paella
Snack: Kale, nuts and cheese salad
Dessert: Berry crumble coffe cake
Breakfast: Nut granola, cinnamon noodles and coconut yogurt
Lunch: Beef in creamy sauce with grilled asparagus
Dinner: Chicken Kung Pao
Snack: Almond crust cauliflower
Dessert: Cheesecake
Breakfast: Savory waffles
Lunch: Lamb tikka curry
Dinner: Shredded bbq chicken with garden salad
Snack: Cream o broccoli
Dessert: Keto baklava