Keto menu for 01.10. - 06.10.

Breakfast: Creamy scrambled eggs with almond sambousa and haloumi
                                                       Lunch: Mongolian beef
Dinner: BBQ smoked chicken
Snack: Creamy veggie soup
Dessert: Choco bites
SUNDAY 02.10.
Breakfast: Sweet crepes
                                        Lunch: Lamb meatballs in rich tomato sauce
Dinner: Shrimps Kung - Pao
Snack: Sweet nuts
Dessert: Mascarpone cream cheesecake
MONDAY 03.10.
Breakfast: Lebanese style breakfast
Lunch: Slowly baked beef with pepper sauce
Dinner: Butter chicken
Snack: Veggie sticks with olive paste
Dessert: Pistacchio bar
TUESDAY 04.10.
Breakfast: Club sandwich
Lunch: Burger steak with mushroom sauce
Dinner: Grilled chicken with garden salad
Snack: Dragon pancakes
Dessert: Coconut bounty
Breakfast: Chia seeds yogurt and choco chips muffin
                                                       Lunch: Beef Bolognese
Dinner: Pistacchio and zaatar crust salmon
Snack: Almond crust cauliflower
Dessert: Lava cake
Breakfast: Poached egg on almond toast
Lunch: Lamb with blueberry sauce
Dinner: Keto pizza
Snack: Kale an cabbage detox soup
Dessert: Paleo baklava