Healthy balance menu for 11.02. - 16.02.

Breakfast: Acai yogurt with choco croissant and granola
Lunch: Morocco beef cous cous
Dinner: Grilled chicken with roasted cauliflower avocado and lentil salad
Snack: Kale chips
SUNDAY 12.02.
Breakfast: Omelet toast sandwich
Lunch: Creamy mushroom pasta
Dinner: Tuscan salmon
Snack: Mars bar
MONDAY 13.02.
Breakfast: Choco banofee pancakes
Lunch: Philly cheese steak sandwich
Dinner: Butter chicken
Snack: Melon with dates and nuts
TUESDAY 14.02.
Breakfast: Pan cooked breakfast
Lunch: Crispy chicken sliders
Dinner: Panko tofu and cauliflower
Snack: Apple pie
Breakfast: Turkey ham and eggs
Lunch: Beef bourguignon
Dinner: Chicken lo mein
Snack: Banana bites
Breakfast: Sunrise sandwich
Lunch: Lamb bulgur pilaf
Dinner: Seafood paella
Snack: Pistacchio bar