HEALTHY BALANCE FOR 10.12. - 15.12.

Breakfast: Poached eggs with Hollander sauce 
Lunch: Beef lasagna
Dinner: Mediterranean salmon
Snack: Fudgy brownie
SUNDAY 11.12.
Breakfast: Healthy oats porridge with bluberries
Lunch: Rib eye steak 
Dinner: Chicken Vienna schnitzel
Snack: Berry cake
MONDAY 12.12.
Breakfast: Lebasese breakfast
Lunch: Chicken shawarma
Dinner: Dinamyte shrimps with coleslaw salad
Snack: Choco bites
TUESDAY 13.12.
Breakfast: Avocado eggs sandwich
Lunch: Lamb biryani with 3 rice
Dinner: Chicken shish tawook with roasted veggies
Snack: Snickers bar
Breakfast: Butter and homemade raspberry jam croissant
Lunch: Chicken masala with mashed potato
Dinner: Fish and zucchini chips
Snack: Tiramisu
Breakfast: Greek yogurt with oats and granola
Lunch: Pepper beef
Dinner: Chicken pesto pasta
Snack: Pumpkin Cheesecake