Weekly Classic Paleo Menu: 13.7. - 18.7.


Breakfast: Pancakes with bacon and cream
Lunch: Turkey stake with zucchini sauce
Dinner: Fish burger with broccoli pancakes & avocado dip
Dessert: Raffaello balls
Snack: Protein mango smoothie with mix nuts

SUNDAY 14.7.

Breakfast: Zucchini ban sandwich with avocado, lettuce, beetroot, olives, and rocket salad
Lunch: Cooked lamb in coconut milk with curry
Dinner: Chicken burrito with cabbage wraps with ratatouille side dish Dessert: Paleo cheesecake
Snack: Watermelon and blueberry salad

MONDAY 15.7.

Breakfast: American pancakes with caramelized peach with cinnamon and baked walnuts
Lunch: Rampstake with rocket salad, brussels, and avocado salsa Dinner: Chicken balsamic pesto with broccoli, mushrooms, red cabbage, and spinach protein salad
Dessert: Raspberry cake
Snack: Sweet potato chips


Breakfast: Chicken ham with sunny side eggs, protein bread with paleo cashew cheese spread and asparagus
Lunch: Chinese beef with broccoli hummus
Dinner: Aglio e olio zucchini pasta with chicken
Dessert: Coconut Bounty
Snack: Beetroot carrot and pistachio salad


Breakfast: Fish pate with rocket salad, shredded salmon and fruits Lunch: Beef kebab and grilled veggies
Dinner: Chicken shish tawook with cauliflower risotto and spinach Dessert: Lime cake
Snack: Kiwi protein smoothie with mix nuts


Breakfast: Scrambled eggs with spinach and tomato
Lunch: Baked beef with Chinese mushrooms and mixed Chinese veggies
Dinner: Stuffed chicken burger with bacon
Dessert: Choco banana
Snack: Cauliflower pizza