Weekly Classic Paleo Menu: 21.12. - 26.12.

Breakfast:  Egg omelete
Lunch: Beef Bolognese with veggie noodles
Dinner: Chicken fingers with sweet potato
Snack: Cream of broccoli
Dessert: Choco banana cake
SUNDAY 22.12.
Breakfast:  Roast beef sandwich
Lunch:Moroccan beef with pumpkin
Dinner:Thai chicken pancakes with coriander and chilli sweet sauce
Snack:Caleslaw salad
Dessert: Chocolate and walnut bar
MONDAY 23.12.
Breakfast: Sweet cinnamon and cocoa omelletewith fruits
Lunch:Grilled lamb kofta kebab tzaltziki and onion bread
Dinner:Fish biryani with veggie rice
Snack:Yellow pepper soup with dill
Dessert: Carrot cake
TUESDAY 24.12.
Breakfast: Egg salad
Lunch:Beef stroganoff with vegetable quinoa
Dinner:Chicken Kung Pao with sweet potato
Snack:Fruit salad
Dessert:  Berry gelatin cake
Breakfast: Egg spread with zucchini bread
Lunch:Meatloaf with mushroom sauce and grilled vegetable
Dinner:Turkey meatballs in cream tomato sauce with veggie dumplings
Snack:Kale salad with nuts
Dessert: Truffles
Breakfast: Coconut waffles with berry jam
Lunch:Crispy bbq duck with rucola salad
Dinner:Fish burger and almond ban
Snack:Creamy vegetable soup
Dessert: Tiramisu