Weekly Classic Paleo Menu: 1.12. - 6.12.


BREAKFAST - Stuffed egg omelet with paleo bread
LUNCH - Shredded beef with bbg sauce & cauliflower pate
DINNER - Cranberry balsamic chicken with baked vegetables
SNACK - Thai coconut soup
DESSERT - Layered chocolate coconut fudge

SUNDAY 2.12.

BREAKFAST - Chia seeds yogurt with fruits
LUNCH - Chef Paul sliders with sweet potato chips
DINNER - Grilled salmon with creamy pesto sauce
SNACK - Apple cinnamon bars
DESSERT - Pecan pie

MONDAY 3.12.

BREAKFAST - Tomatoes, spring onions, shredded beef & scrambled eggs
LUNCH - Beef stroganoff with pickles & portobelo
DINNER - Chicken risotto with quinoa, vegetables & beetroot humus
SNACK - Mini pizza
DESSERT - Paleo cheescake


BREAKFAST - Cauliflower crust, lettuce, bacon & boiled eggs
LUNCH - Lamb meat balls with maple-pecan brussels sprouts
DINNER - Pistachio crust chicken with rucola salad
SNACK - Mix of nuts
DESSERT - Paleo tiramisu


BREAKFAST - Sweet waffles with berries & maple syrup
LUNCH - Paleo Mongolian beef stir-fry with garlic cauliflower rice
DINNER - Pesto turkey burgers with almond bun
SNACK - Vegetable soup
DESSERT - Chocolate bites with dry fruits & nuts


BREAKFAST - French toast with an egg frittata
LUNCH - Stuffed meatloaf with grilled sweet potatoes with mint
DINNER - Grilled Greek style chicken with pizza bread
SNACK - Vegetable salad
DESSERT - Berry cake