Weekly Modern Paleo Menu: 28.12. - 02.01.

Breakfast:  Shakshuka
Lunch: Garlic spinach with slowly cooked beef
Dinner: Grilled chicken with gluten free pasta
Snack: Greek salad
Dessert: Apple pie
SUNDAY 29.12.
Breakfast:  Nut granola
Lunch: Baked lamb leg with biryani rice
Dinner: Coconut curry fish with grilled vegetables
Snack: Zuccini soup
Dessert: Snickers bar
MONDAY 30.12.
Breakfast: English style breakfast
Lunch: Maroccan beef with gluten free pasta
Dinner: Zaatar chicken with mint harrisa and veggie purre
Snack: Vegetable chips
Dessert: Chocolate muffin
TUESDAY 31.12.
Breakfast: Coconut pancakes with homemade apple marmelade
Lunch: Bbq beef with flaxseeds tortilla and corn
Dinner: Salmon fish cake with dill dip
Snack: Cauliflower chowder
Dessert:  Raw raffaelo balls
Breakfast: Egg quiche
Lunch: Minced lamb rolls with tzaltziki salad
Dinner: Chicken with butternut and potato
Dessert: Avocado pannacota with chocolate
Breakfast: Stuffed sweet omellete
Lunch: Mongolian beef with rice
Dinner: Chicken Caesar salad
Snack: Tomato and carrot soup
Dessert: Grilled pineapple