Weekly Modern Paleo Menu: 17.8. - 22.8.


Breakfast: Egg quiche with spinach and pepper, brussels sprouts salad
Lunch: Slowly baked beef with dill sauce and cauliflower rice
Dinner: Sesame crust chicken with baked potato
Snack:Apple and carrot salad
Dessert: Chocolate mousse with berries

SUNDAY 18.8.

Breakfast: Carrot skillet with eggs and bacon
Lunch: Slowly cooked beef with mushrooms sauce and quinoa
Dinner: Hamour with pineapple salsa and steamed vegetable
Snack: Fruit salad
Dessert: Blueberry cheesecake

MONDAY 19.8.

Breakfast: Beef sandwich with rucola and tomato salad
Lunch: Lamb meatballs with tomato sauce and baked sweet potato
Dinner: Mediterranean chicken with black rice
Snack:Vegetables chips
Dessert: Chocolate brownie with strawberry cream


Breakfast: Coconut pancakes with berries
Lunch: Stuffed peppers with white rice
Dinner: Grilled salmon with spinach and vegetables
Snack: Veggie salad
Dessert: Marble cake


Breakfast: Chia seeds yogurt with muffin
Lunch: Beef with curry sauce and gluten free pasta
Dinner: Grilled chicken with sesame and roasted eggplant
Snack: Dates with chocolate
Dessert: Apple pie


Breakfast: Paleo cheese with ciabatta
Lunch: Beef kebab with grilled vegetables and potato puree
Dinner: Shredded turkey, salad with walnuts and balsamic dressing
Snack: Cucumber salad with chia seeds
Dessert: Banoffe pie