Weekly Ramadan Keto Menu: 02.05. - 07.05.

RAMADAN KETO MENU FROM 02.05. – 07.05.
Breakfast: Stuffed egg omelete
Lunch: Beef burger with cauliflower bun
Dinner: Spinach chicken casserole with cream cheese and mozzarela
Snack: Creamy mushroom soup
Dessert: Snickers bar
SUNDAY 03.05.
Breakfast: Nut granola with strawberry yogurt
Lunch: Shredded beef tacos with almond - flaxseeds tortilla and cheese
Dinner: Black sesame crust salmon with eggplant cake and cheese sauce
Snack: Creamy veggie soup
Dessert: Choco hazelnut cake
MONDAY 04.05.
Breakfast: Bacon - asparagus salad with egg and yogurt dressing
Lunch: Stuffed vine leaves bake with minced lamb and cheese
Dinner: Chopped thai chicken salad with coconut dressing
Snack: Roasted red pepper soup
Dessert: Blueberry panna cotta
TUESDAY 05.05.
Breakfast: Vegetable roasty with sunny side eggs and bacon
Lunch: Mongolian beef with kale stir fry
Dinner: Skillet chicken thighs with creamy tomato - basil spinach sauce
Snack: Cabbage sauce
Dessert: Cinnamon cake
Breakfast: Sweet breakfast omelette with sautéed berries
Lunch: Stuffed meatloaf rolade with cauliflower steak
Dinner: Coconut curry fish stew
Snack: Leek and garlic soup
Dessert: Keto tiramisu
Breakfast: English style breakfast with garlic haloumi
Lunch: Lamb rending with grilled vegetable
Dinner: Chicken schnitzel with garden salad
Snack: Roasted nuts with cheese
Dessert: Chocolate truffles