Weekly Keto Menu: 20.4. - 25.4.


Breakfast: Coconut cookie with fruits
Lunch: Zucchini moussaka with salad
Dinner: Chicken burger with cauliflower & mushrooms
Snack: Salad with cheese
Dessert: Vanilla cake

SUNDAY 21.4.

Breakfast: Chicken salad
Lunch: Grilled chicken with tomato sauce & basil
Dinner: Fish cake
Snack: Spinach & garlic soup
Dessert: Pannacotta with berries

MONDAY 22.4.

Breakfast: Egg muffins with bacon
Lunch: Slow cooked beef with steamed veggies
Dinner: Stuffed chicken breast with kale & spinach
Snack: Cucumber salad
Dessert: Cherry muffin


Breakfast: Keto pancakes
Lunch: Lamb tikka 
Dinner: Chicken thighs with rosemary sauce
Snack: Mushroom soup
Dessert: Keto snickers


Breakfast: Boiled egg salad
Lunch: Beef goulash with veggies
Dinner: Crispy fish with salad
Snack: Stuffed Portobello
Dessert: Sacher cake


Breakfast: Scrambled eggs with peppers & mushrooms
Lunch: Beef Bolognese with noodles
Dinner: Chicken 
Snack: Zucchini & tomato soup
Dessert: Coconut bar