Weekly Keto Menu: 11.5. - 16.5.


Breakfast: Egg roulade
Lunch: Beef with cabbage sauce
Dinner: Chicken curry with cauliflower pancakes
Snack: Cream of broccoli
Dessert: Berry cake

SUNDAY 12.5.

Breakfast: Nut granola with berries
Lunch: Spicy meatballs in cherry tomato & bbq sauce with broccoli puree
Dinner: Greek style baked fish with salad
Snack: Parmesan chips
Dessert: Choco & mascarpone cream

MONDAY 13.5.

Breakfast: Pumpkin pate with boiled eggs & low carb bread
Lunch: Meat strips with coconut & cucumber sauce
Dinner: Chicken Biryani with cauliflower rice
Snack: Thyme & mushroom soup
Dessert: Vanilla & walnut cake


Breakfast: Cherry muffins with berry dip
Lunch: Slow cooked lamb & chunky vegetable stew
Dinner: Moroccan chicken with zucchini & garlic pancakes
Snack: Cheese cubes with nuts
Dessert: Snickers bars


Breakfast: Crustless quiche with mushrooms & cheese
Lunch: Tacos with shredded beef
Dinner: Salmon pancakes with ruccola salad & celery-radish dip
Snack: Chicken soup with egg noodles
Dessert: Strawberry pudding with choco cream


Breakfast: Low carb protein pancakes with spicy cauliflower & halloumi
Lunch: Kale salad with steak & almond croutons
Dinner: Chinese chicken stir fry with vegetable noodles
Snack: Pepper, spinach & garlic soup
Dessert: Pistachio cake