Weekly Keto Menu: 10.8. - 15.8.


Breakfast: Egg omelet with mushrooms, fresh spinach & grilled halloumi cheese
Lunch: Shredded BBQ beef on cauliflower pancakes with sun-dried tomatoes & cheese
Dinner: Chicken with peppers, garlic, olives with zucchini & rosemary
Snack: Tzatziki salad with white yogurt
Dessert: Chocolate, hazelnut & cinnamon with cranberry cake

SUNDAY 11.8.

Breakfast: Crunchy granola with fresh berries & mascarpone cream
Lunch: Lamb & asparagus kofta with homemade cauliflower hummus & fatoush salad
Dinner: Black sesame crust salmon with grilled vegetables & lemon-yogurt dip
Snack: Coleslaw salad with chia & flax seeds
Dessert: Chocolate tart

MONDAY 12.8.

Breakfast: Spanish baked eggs with olives, coriander & cheese
Lunch: Sautéed kale with almonds, grilled beef steak strips in thyme, mushroom sauce & parmesan chips
Dinner: Grilled coconut curry chicken with balsamic roasted Brussels sprouts
Snack: Quattro formaggi mini pizza
Dessert: Rhubarb, strawberry & ginger crumble


Breakfast: Almond French toast with sunny side egg, home-made chicken/thyme ham
Lunch: Tomato salsa with parmesan beef pancakes & rucola salad Dinner: Grilled fish with Thai coconut sauce, lime, grilled chilly & steamed vegetables
Snack: Greek salad with olives & feta cheese
Dessert: Madagascar vanilla & summer fruits cake


Breakfast: Coconut & almond waffles with fresh berries, mint & chocolate
Lunch: Smoky lamb, tomato/coriander stew with creamy broccoli puree
Dinner: Chicken Cesar salad with almond & sesame croutons
Snack: Slowly roasted nuts with cayenne pepper & seeds
Dessert: Keto tiramisu


Breakfast: Egg & chia seeds muffin with kale & cherry tomato & mozzarella salad
Lunch: Shredded duck, smoked on wood chips with cranberry sauce & cauliflower falafel
Dinner: Chicken Cacciatore with fresh basil & cheese stuffed pepper
Snack: Tomato, celery, rucola & onion salad
Dessert: Sweet cherry muffin