Weekly Keto Menu: 01.02. - 06.02.

KETO MENU FROM 01.02. – 06.02.
Breakfast: Granola with strawberries
Lunch: Meat balls with tomato sauce
Dinner: Chicken Caesar salad
Snack: Greek salad
Dessert: Mascarpone cream with fruits
SUNDAY 02.02.
Breakfast: Meat pie
Lunch: Grilled chicken with with salad and cheese
Dinner: Salmon fishcake with veggies
Snack: Mushroom soup
Dessert: Choco balls
MONDAY 03.02.
Breakfast: Almond pancakes
Lunch: Cooked lamb with veggie puree
Dinner: Shredded chicken with grilled cauliflower
Snack: Tzaltziki salad
Dessert: Vanilla pannacota
TUESDAY 04.02.
Breakfast: Crepes with eggs
Lunch: Chicken leg with stuffed zucchini
Dinner: Cauliflower risotto with shrimps
Snack: Keto chips
Dessert: Choco berries
Breakfast: American puncake with fruits
Lunch: Beef goulash with fried cheese and paprika
Dinner: Mediterranean fish dish
Snack: Forrest fruits smoothie
Dessert: Keto cheesecake
Breakfast: Scrambled eggs with spinach and tomato
Lunch: Turkey burger with cheese and olive ban
Dinner: Chicken biryani
Snack: Spinach soup
Dessert: Butter almond cookies