Keto menu for 04.06 - 09.06.

Breakfast: Creamy scrambled eggs with keto sambosa
Lunch: Butter chicken
Dinner: Salmon pancakes with steamed veggies
Snack: Berry shot
Dessert: Choco mouse with nuts
SUNDAY 05.06.
Breakfast: American pancakes
Lunch: Beef stir fry
Dinner: Smoked bbq chicken with roasted veggies and parmesan cheese
Snack: Garden salad with feta cheese
Dessert: Lime cake
MONDAY 06.06.
Breakfast: Turkey sandwich with cheddar cheese
Lunch: Tenderloin beef with tarragon sauce and cauliflower steak
Dinner: Shrimps Kung Pao with baked cabbage
Snack: Almond pizza
Dessert: Choco truffles
TUESDAY 07.06.
Breakfast: Berry choco crapes
Lunch: Lamb biryani
Dinner: Chicken Caesar salad
Snack: Mascarpone cream with strawberries
Dessert: Raspberry bar
Breakfast: English style breakfast
Lunch: Chicken tandoori
Dinner: Pan fried seabass
Snack: Almond crust cheese
Dessert: Choco bites
Breakfast: Chef Paul sweet breakfast
Lunch: Beef stroganoff
Dinner: Creamy chicken risotto
Snack: Dragon fruit salad
Dessert: Keto berry cheesecake